HERJ publication style:

Are you interested in publishing in HERJ? Please, follow our suggestions below and send your paper to our official e-mail adress:

Papers should be maximum 30,000 characters long. The obligatory parts of the papers include:


abstract, in following stucture: aims of the study (2-3 sentences), short presentation of the antecedents of the research (2-3 sentences), presentation of the research method (2-3 sentences); short summary of research results (2-3 sentences), together maximum 1,200 characters;

keywords: the first three keywords should be retrieved from the ERIC keyword database, complimented by at least three own keywords.

For Reviews, reports on professional or scientific events the suggested maximum length is 10,000 characters. The title of book or periodical reviews to be published should be the publishing information of the material being reviewed.

For reporting events, title-giving is characterized by much more freedom but it has to contain one of the important attributes of the event, for example the title or the place of it, date or organizer.

About our publishing style

Editors prepare the layout editing. In manuscripts, the size of the characters and paragraphs are optional.

We require figures and tables to be sent in editable formats, including captions with ordinal numbering, title, set in the proper place in the table. Please include references for each table and figure.

The formatting of tables follows the automatic table format of Microsoft World “Classic 1”

We suggest the use of endnotes.

The list of references and bibliographical data in manuscripts should be prepared according to APA Style 6th edition.