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Gyongyi Karacsony
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New Chapter of Knowledge Management in Hungary: Steps Toward Open Science and Tertiary Collaborative Work

Keywords: open access, open science, scholarly networks

The beginning of the 21st century has brought a paradigm change in higher education. The technological improvements in research and knowledge discovery and the strengthening discourse of open access have introduced new methods and tools of teaching and learning. The free online availability of teaching materials and the easy access to research results and data facilitate the development of research and student collaborative networks on a global level. Through the cooperation and works of such scientific networks, the core principles of open science - transparency, reusability, and collaboration - can be realised. A gradual shift towards the open scientific discourse can be detected in Hungary, as well. A growing number of higher education institutions adopt open access guidelines in their research and publication policies. The strengthening national open science advocacy and the EU funding requirements, requesting more transparent and freely accessible research processes, encourage a more standardized national vision on research and teaching methodologies. Collaborations with research communities and higher education administrations could ensure a more solid position for us in the global scientific circulation.


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