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Gabriella Keczer

An Appropriate Organizational Model for Community Colleges in Hungary

Keywords: community college, university governance, affiliate campus, local engagement

The Hungarian government has recently decided to establish a new type of higher education institution: the Hungarian version of the American community college. While the existence of an institution that serves the local needs is inevitable, the organizational solution elaborated by the Hungarian educational government raises doubts about the viability and efficiency of the so called “community higher education centres” (CHEC). Based on extensive research we propose the modification of and amendments to the present organizational model. Our suggestions do not overrule the most important governmental principle: CHECs should not be independent institutions, but affiliates of existing universities. Yet, according to our proposal, CHECs should be more than just training locations of faraway universities. We are convinced that the organizational solutions outlined in our paper are more appropriate in terms of management, quality, learning outcomes and local impact. We underpin our proposals by analyzing the deficiencies of the current model, building on our primary survey and the foreign experiences well documented in the literature.


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