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Elene Jibladze

Reforms for the External Legitimacy in the Post Rose Revolution Georgia. Case of University Autonomy

Keywords: university autonomy, post-Soviet transition, Bologna Process, transnational policy transfer, decoupled institutions

This article investigates higher education system-change in a region undergoing post-Soviet transition, specifically – in post-Rose Revolution Georgia. It considers the Bologna Process-inspired reforms that represent instances of transnational policy and institutional transfer into national contexts. On the example of university autonomy, the article argues that in Georgia, Bologna-inspired reforms were introduced in order to gain legitimacy in the global higher education arena. However, these reforms have produced a symbolic system-change and have created decoupled institutions. The findings of the article bare policy relevance to those post-Soviet transition countries that have embarked or plan to embark on transformative changes in their national (higher) education systems.


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