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Lim Hyun-jung
Lee Young-chul
Jo Gyudong

After School of Korean Elementary Schools

Keywords: after school program, Korean education, public education, care activities

Because of the rapid industrialization, Korea faced with many problems at all level of the society during the transformation to a knowledge based economy in the last few decades. There was a call for rescheduling the daily life of the family. Even the need had been on the surface for a long time, the Korean After School Program was settled only in the early 2000s. This paper, after defining the after school education and referencing the current educational situation in Korea, is pointing out the educational significance of this program, its effects on student achievement as well. Using the system based approach, participation of the other actor of the educational system, mostly from the school side (teachers, parents, students) are also described in this study. Extended this approach, most importantly, the after school became an opportunity to restore confidence of public education actively coping with changing social needs.


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