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Horst Weishaupt

How Demographic Change Affects Education?

Doi number:10.14413/herj.2016.03.09.

Keywords: demography, educational statistics, school network, rural schools, immigration

In Germany, demographic change has had far-reaching effects regarding the education system. Particularly in rural, non-urban areas, the existing netwwork of schools is at risk – most of all, this concerns vocational education and training schools. Even more striking, however, are the consequences regarding the qualification of young people because a generation of “baby boomers” needs to be replaced by a low-birthrate generation while at the same time the labour market demands higher qualification levels. Moreover, a growing number of students are from immigrant backgrounds and/or from disadvantaged families: they represent the potential that would still allow for increases in qualification levels.


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DOI: 10.14413/herj.2016.03.09.

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