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Stephen P. Heyneman

How It Started? the First Work on Post-soviet Education (in Honor of Wolfgang Mitter)

Doi number:10.14413/herj.2016.03.04.

Keywords: Eastern Europe, political transition, Soviet education, comparative education, politics of education

I was privileged to lead the first work on education in the former Soviet Union after the breakup of the former Soviet Union and this constituted the first time that education had been analyzed without the control of the Communist Party. My first impression may be worthy of mention. In the discussion with ministers of education I was not the only novice. Few of the ministers had travelled outside of the former Soviet Union or had seen an education system anywhere else. What they knew of how education was financed and managed in France, Britain, Germany, Japan or the United States was superficial. What they knew of how skills were provided, how standards were maintained, how the sector was financed, how institutions were governed, how curriculum was designed, how institutions adjust to shifts in the labor market, their understanding was determined by stereotype and naivete. Newcomers were on both sides of the table.


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DOI: 10.14413/herj.2016.03.04.

In Memoriam Wolfgang Mitter: