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György Kónya

Changes in the Environmental Attitudes of Secondary School Students

Doi number:DOI:10.14413/HERJ.2016.02.08

Keywords: environmental education, project based learning, self-assessment, education for sustainable development

Developing students’ environmental attitude is being given more and more emphasis related to all generations. It was done the changes in secondary school students’ environmental attitudes using the big project „Our Environment in the 21st century”. In my study my aim was to find answers to the question what effects the subprojects in the field of the environment have on shaping students’ ecologically caring attitudes. There were ten sub-projects within the great project, with an environmental issue in the centre of each, such as air and soil pollution. At the beginning and end of the 12-month project the students were asked to fill in a 36-item questionnaire on attitudes. The questions belonged to one of three groups and twelve blocks. Evaluation of the answers led me to conclude that there were significant differences in several of the experimental blocks compared with the control group. As well as the control groups saw a positive change. Among the three components (emotional, behavioral, environmental) the highest means were measured in emotions, and the lowest in behaviours. Significant difference (p˂0.05) was observed in two cases in the experimental group. The data also shed light on the fact that students’ long-term development in environmental awareness requires longer developing work.


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DOI: DOI:10.14413/HERJ.2016.02.08

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