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Adrian Hatos

Romanian Educational Research on the Way of Becoming a Strategic Action Field

Doi number:10.14413/HERJ.2016.02.04

Keywords: educational research, Romania, strategic action field, content analysis, policy-design

The article approaches the Romanian educational research of the last two decades in the context of evolutions in the Romanian education and society. After concluding that as a strategic action field educational research is not yet institutionalized I have attempted to explain this weakness relating it to other fields and by analyzing the dynamics of educational research agenda on the data base published by the single state owned educational agency: Institute of Educational Sciences. This content analysis underlines several contradictions in evidence based policy-design which one had to add to the other sources of inconsistencies in educational policies mentioned in the article. Although many recommendations can be made starting from my results I have highlighted two very concrete and of high emergency: recognition for educational research as a specific domain and an improved position for research in the training and practice of teachers at all levels.


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DOI: 10.14413/HERJ.2016.02.04

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