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Campbell Anne
Gorgodze Sophia

Internationalization of Georgian Higher Education

Doi number:10.14413/HERJ.2016.01.02

Keywords: higher education, international education, universities, educational quality, university accreditation, faculty mobility, student mobility, Georgia

In response to the scant academic research about higher education internationalization in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, this paper investigates the characteristics and influences of internationalization in the Republic of Georgia. Based on interviews with Georgian government representatives and university faculty and administrators, this research identified the perceived benefits of internationalization and the effectiveness of its implementation. The research findings indicate that three main engines are driving internationalization in Georgia: western influences through modeling and international programs; national higher education accreditation processes; and the academic programs, courses, and partnerships developed by internationally-mobile Georgian faculty and students. In addition, two recent opportunities for additional growth in internationalization are described – international students in Georgia and joint and dual degrees – along with recommendations on how to further enhance internationalization efforts.


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DOI: 10.14413/HERJ.2016.01.02

Higher Education Internationalization and Economic-Political Transitions: