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Dénes Harai

The Crisis of Intellectuality

Keywords: technology, science, crisis, pedagogy, psychology

If existence were to be transformed into reason in this region, doubts could arise concerning the nature of man and reason. Consciousness, even crippled consciousness, is generated by relationships. The crisis of the post-Communist mentality is a long-lasting process. Within the parabola of violence and reason, it is always reason that sinks to point zero. Intellectuality is not the self-enjoyment of the teacher’s cast as the more intellectual a person, the more humane he is. In contemporary times, man lives amongst a multitude of attractions: power, arms, money, consumption. In such a situation, the most tormented consciousness is the intellectual consciousness, which frequently turns into a formation shocking itself. Reason has stock in technology and science; differentiation does not characterise public thinking and for a while, a great deal can be reconciled with reason. If there is anything of importance, it is how we think about one another as human beings. The other man, the other group of people must also become an intra-psychic (internal) process, which has to be assisted by the instruments of pedagogy and psychology at the appropriate ages. This could mean the path towards a better integrated society.


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