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Juha Mäkinen

Revolution in Educational Affairs At the Finnish National Defence University?

Keywords: intervention, military education, revolution in military affairs

In this paper the formative intervention conducted since 2000 at the Finnish National Defence University (FNDU) will be reflected on. In other words, this period covers the FNDU’s application of the principles crystallised in the European Bologna Process. Consequently, in the triple-hermeneutic inquiry process, prevalent basic cultural assumptions, paradoxes and problems were identified, but even more interestingly, for the aims of the paper, a few key educational questions were put forward for the future. Every soldier is expected to be a leader and a manager of violence, as well as being a teacher and an educator. It follows that every teacher and manager at the FNDU has deal with key educational questions. Such educational questions resemble sticking points for the actors involved in continuously reproducing and potentially revolutionising the social systems, for example of the FNDU, in the continuity of praxis.


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