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Judit Stummer

The Appearance of Military Fundamentals as Course in Secondary Education

Keywords: secondary education, military service, military recruiting, education for national defence, Military Fundamentals, matriculation course

The study provides insights into Military Fundamentals taught as eligible matriculation course at institutes of secondary education. Further it introduces the legal framework for teaching it, as well as the results of those empirical researches the author has been conducting among students of the course since 2010. The full voluntary military force has a ten-year history in Hungary. At the same time when the full voluntary force was introduced in peacetime, the Ministry of Defence searched for means to help orientate those youngsters who were interested in the military profession and could be attracted by the value system of a military force. In order to support this effort and provide a potential influx of the young generation into the ranks Military Fundamentals as course has been introduced to institutes of secondary education. The study contains the results of a questionnaire-based survey conducted at the end of the school years in 2011/2012 and 2012/2013. According to the survey the choice for Military Fundamentals is due to the preference of the 14-18 years old age group for military related topics. The possibility to matriculate is not attractive anymore despite the fact that it can play a role in a military oriented further education.


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