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Katalin Hajdicsné Varga

National Defence Education in the Hungarian  educational System

Keywords: military education, national military education, National Defence Basics, higher education, e-learning

The study shows how national defence education, that although having played a major role in the Hungarian history and education was almost completely eliminated following the change of regime, has been restored to general and higher education with the help of certain efforts, methods. This educational area was marginalized due to the abolishment of the compulsory military service and as a result a kind of social undervaluation, among others. The restoration of national defence education to schooling has been greatly helped by the new teaching-learning method, distance learning the system of which was built up on the basis of purposeful work, in line with the opportunities provided by the Internet. Our research was conducted by mapping the educational system of the two educational levels. We examined the two well-functioning educational sub-systems of national defence education: National Defence Knowledge that is taught as an optional, one-semester subject of e-learning methods in higher education, and National Defence Basics as a general, optional graduation subject, as well as the teacher trainings connected to the latter. In the civilian higher education, we measured the attitude of the students studying National Defence Knowledge towards the subject and the method of e-learning by a questionnaire survey and we found out that we need to create a large number of varying online material, worksheets and mock exam opportunities for more effective learning.


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