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Andrea Szelesné Árokszállási

Indices of Motivation Background of Choosing a Career by Ambulance Officer Students

Keywords: ambulance officer students, career choosing

Our research brings the examination of value and career orientation of the ambulance officer students into focus. The ambulance officer profession and its training have been unique in Europe and all over the world for a long time. Full time training is reckoned young in the Hungarian higher educational system too because it is only 13 years old. In our country ambulance officer students are trained on full-time course in three educational institution (SE -EK, DE-EK, PTE-EK), which, due to their territorial location, cover the whole territory of the country. We carried on our survey with the full-time students of the three educational institutions, with complete inquiry. In our research we purposed to examine the “after-growth” of a medical profession, which is a profession of high prestige within the medical institutional system as well and its estimation by society is also positive. The job’s difficulties, dangers and low waging, however, are known even by non-professionals, through the media. The subjects of the future research are the students of a sphere, about which no comprehensive survey has been made yet, thus we made mainly descriptive research that applies quantitative method (survey-type). The most important aim of our research is to examine who choose the profession of ambulance officers at the present time.


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