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Jari Lavonen
Tiina Korhonen
Kalle Juuti

Finnish Teachers’ Professionalism Is Built in Teacher Education and Supported by School Site

Keywords: teacher education, life-long-learning, teacher professionalism

This paper introduces and analyses education of professional teachers and support of school site to this professionalism in Finnish education context. First, the aims and content of teacher education is analysed and discussed. Three main areas, crucial to the professionalism of teachers were recognised to be: teachers’ knowledge base, their willingness and skill to collaboration and partnership and, moreover, willingness and skillto life-long-learning. Second, the school site support to teacher professionalism is analysed theoretically and empirically and discussed. Versatile leadership, teachers’ professionalism, meaningful learning, versatile physical and virtual learning environments and, moreover, the versatile use of networks and partnerships of the school were recognised as important for teacher professionalism.


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