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Lajos Somogyvári

Internationalism and the Third World (photographs in the Hungarian Educational Press in the 1960’s)

My researches are based upon the photographical corpus of the Hungarian periodical journals in the 1960’s. I have been examined six journals: Family and School (Család és Iskola), Our Child (Gyermekünk), Public Education (Köznevelés), Education in Kindergarten (Óvodai Nevelés), The Elementary Teacher (A Tanító) and The Work of the Elementary Teacher (A Tanító Munkája). Combining various methods of history of education, iconography and anthropology, we can separate several sequences of pictures in the 5371 elements’ corpus – one possible sequence is the subject about foreign countries in Africa, Asia and Latin-America (with 158 items). The presentation forms of the Non-European, Third World are stressful in this decade, according to the revolutionary-egalitarian rhetoric and libertarian tendencies of the socialist pedagogy. These pictures reshaped the dominant European point of view in the name of the solidarity and internationalism, we can interpret these visual sources as the instruments of ideological and political will.


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