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Márta Mohácsi
Mihály Fónai

The Rectrutation of Freshmen Students and the Motivation of Choosing Specification

In our study we compare the motivation of choosing specification and profession of freshmen at two higher institutions. The differences of the students’ recrutation of the two institutions (The Faculty of Law at the University of Debrecen, the Faculty of Business Administration and Social Sciences at the College of Nyiregyhaza) are appropriate to reveal the possible similarities and differences. In the frame of the freshmen research we study the students’ social background, ways of their school life, the motives of choosing specification and profession, furthermore their plans and expectations for the future. In the recrutation of the students in the two higher institutions real differences are observed among the BSc students and those students who take part in undivided trainings. The earlier way of school life was influenced by the social background and higher education was influenced by the earlier way of school life. In choosing specification and profession the social capital differences are prevailed by hidden way. The results of the research show that there are important differences between the way of school life and the motives of choosing specification and profession of the full-time students and the correspondence students.


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