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Balázs Németh

The Learning Region Initiative – a Challenging Concept for Higher Education to Promote Regional Development

Keywords: Lifelong learning, outreach programmes, community education, learning city, learning region, regional development

The aim of this paper is to give a thourough insight to the evolution of the learning city-region initiative and connect it to the changing roles of higher education institutions within a frame of third missions of universities so as to promote regional development. Accordingly, this study bridges the conceptual approaches to some recent European researches and initiatives which have aimed at promoting concrete developments in the field with particular involvement of higher education and its third roles so as to promote learning communities and learning economy. The result of research and development in the field resulted in partical projects, like LILARA, PENR3L, and EuroLOCAL and the recent HEAD-project (Opening Higher Education to Adults) in which the author participated as expert on adult learnnigh and education with a perspective on university lifelong learning.


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