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Kálmán Ercsei
Péter Nikitscher

Confrontations and Resolutions: the World of Conflict Between Students

Keywords: conflict, conflict resolution, alternative dispute resolution

The study aims to examine conflict situations between students "from inside" based on research carried out within the framework of the project organised by the Hungarian Institute for Educational Research and Development entitled "Alternative dispute resolution, interest-based negotiation and restorative techniques in the operational and educational practice of vocational schools"i. After a short summary of different viewpoints on conflicts and conflict situation, we examine the presence, detection and involvement of students in various conflict situations (as aggressors or victims), and we attempt to identify the direct and indirect causes of conflicts between students based on information provided by interviewees. Then, we examine the reactions of students and teachers to these conflicts and discuss their methods and techniques for resolving the conflict by reviewing the frequency of various reaction types, the way they are perceived and how widely accepted they are


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