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Ferenc Arató

Deconstruction of Education

Keywords: cooperative structures, post-structural approach, deconstruction, basic principles of cooperative learning, cooperative paradigm

This paper has two different focuses. On the one hand, I examine the paradigmatic features of cooperative learning models. Cooperative learning has a revolutionary impact on practice and cognition of institutional and public education from the viewpoint of inclusion and equal access to public knowledge and to the resources that can be accessed through schooling. This impact is like a scientific shift of a paradigm described by Thomas S. Kuhn and debated by many other scientists. The present paper outlines how the basic principle-based model of cooperative learning can fulfill the criteria of a scientific paradigm following and re-reading Kuhn’s theory. The main issue of the investigation of cooperative learning is how to extend the cooperative model from classroom level to public education system level. On the other hand, I argue that the post-structural approach of cooperative learning leads to a scientific shift in education. This paradigm has a structural approach which is a de-constructive one. By the means of cooperative structures we can de-construct hierarchical, racist and anti- democratic structures within classrooms, schools, school districts and the whole public education system.


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