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Julianna Mrázik

Teacher Education and Its Reflection

Keywords: competence of student-teachers, teacher preparation for the profession

This paper focuses on recent problems of Hungarian student-teachers preparing for their career, from the point of view of training. The aim of the study is to reveal those problems which affect the beginners’ role and which came from the dis/function of teacher education. Supposedly, the nucleus of the would-be-teachers’ problems is interconnected with low prestige of the profession, existence, skills and material or professional uncertainty. Another crucial issue is the impact of the teacher education, the efficacy of the training. The aim of this paper is to investigate the real obstacles of the efficiency of teacher education, what these problems are, how stressful they are and how they impact the student-teacher’s self-confidence. It has also an actuality, since teacher training stands before a changeover and still the transition between the former traditional and the BA and MA levels of higher education has not yet been examined, so these remarks can also add somewhat to the forthcoming teacher training program and – at the collective level – to the identification of issues important to the community of teachers, would-be-teachers and both in-service teachers and educators.


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