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Ulrich Teichler

The Academic Profession Between National Character- Istics and International Trends

It is widely assumed that higher education systems converge across eco- nomically advanced countries, and the term “globalisation” is often for claiming that a bundle of factors implying modernisation and worldwide competition are the drivers of convergence. Surveys of the academic profession undertaken jointly in a substantial number of countries in the 1990s and in recent years provide the opportunity of examin- ing whether scholars at institutions at higher education note an increasing similarity of conditions and become themselves more similar in their activities. In summing up the findings, we certainly note some examples of extreme differences by country. Altogether, if we believe in a strong convergence of higher education across Europe, we could de- scribe the academics’ views and activities as substantially varied. But if the take into consideration traditional differences in the character of national higher education sys- tems, we could consider this spread as moderate.


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