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Veronika Bocsi

The Share of Academic Time in Student Lifestyle

Keywords: higher education, students, learning, time, academic achievement

Literature on student lifestyle defines academic time as the timeframe that covers study-related activities. Notably this definition indicates a complex set of activities, in addition to the time spent at seminars or lectures, it also includes all other study-related activities. Our present study examines the concept of academic time in higher education. After introducing the theoretical foundations of the study, I briefly summarize the findings of the relevant empirical research. The empirical analysis is based on Tertiary Education and Regional Development Research’sii 2010 representative database (N=602) that targeted higher educational institutions at the Partium region. In the analysis, we attempted to explain the time spent with academic activities by socio-cultural variables (sex, type of settlement) as well as by the faculties attended and by students’ part-time employment. Moreover, we analyzed the sample with regards to the clusters of value and leisure. The length of academic time was also compared to students’ academic achievements. The explanatory variables had considerable effects on lifestyle, but we did not find connection with the academic achievement and academic time of students.


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