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János Gábor Fintor

Correlations of Sport Levels and Popularity of Sport Programmes Among Elementary School Students

Keywords: sport, level of involvement in sport, sport programmes, electronic media, elementary school

The aim of my study is to examine correlations between the level of involvement in sport activities and the preference of watching sports. My other question concerns the possible effects of the attitudes of the elementary school pupils regarding sports upon levels of competition. The questionnaire was completed (N=568) in five schools of the Northern Plain Region of Hungary among pupils between the age of 10 – 14 years. I have completed the survey between February and March 2013. According to my results, the level of involvement in competitions is determining concerning the attitudes towards sport programmes. The more active somebody is in professional (‘pro’) sports the more he/she likes sport programmes on television. (Pearson Chi-Square = 0.000). This has also proven that 87% of the students who enter international or national sport competitions do sport activities at least three times a week. 55% of those students who love to watch sport and other related programmes on TV are involved in sport activities at least three times a week. Proportionality can be observed between popularity of sport programmes on TV and sport events followed on the internet because 74% of those who search for those kinds of information and contents on the internet prefer such TV programmes.


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