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Krisztián Széll

Factors Determining Student Achievement

Keywords: student achievement, educational quality, teaching quality, teacher effectiveness, school effectiveness, socio-economic status

This study aims to review and summarize national and international literature that seeks to determine what quality education actually is, as well as look at what is happening as regards students‟ achievements. The current study aims to carry out a literature review with the purpose of laying down the foundations of future empirical research related to student achievement and educational effectiveness. This literature review indicates relevant results and comes to conclusions regarding analyses and research in the topic of student achievement. First, the study briefly introduces the connections between quality, effectiveness and equity; then it reveals the context of student achievement at schools; and, finally, it looks at the most important factors determining student and school achievement. The results of this literature review will support the conceptualisation and operationalisation of a future empirical examination of student achievement.


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