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Anikó Fehérvári

Romani Students in Vocational Education and Training

Keywords: educational mobility, access to education, educationally disadvantaged, Romani

The study reviews the changes in opportunity within Romani‟s schooling since the Transition. The expansion of secondary education has meant that an increasingly widening strata of society can be integrated into education - though access to educational programmes is not the same between the different social groups. Romani students enter vocational schools at the highest ratio but, even here, some of them are still not capable of graduating. According to studies, only 40% of Romani students reach a point of graduation. Several empirical researches focusing on Romani vocational school students have been conducted in the past few years with the support of high priority programs from the Hungarian Institute for Educational Research and Development. The paper analyses – on the basis of two databases – the path, scholastic record, plans and chances on the labour market of Romani vocational school students. Several events cause discomfiture to Romani students at school and failure and grade repetition are overrepresented among them. Many students‟ careers are a result of pressure, not free choice. Their plans for the future are unsure and they rate their labour market oportunities as worse when comparing with non-Romani students.


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