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Nóra Veronika Németh

Survey on the Sociology of Reading in the Partium Region

Keywords: reading, sociology, higher education, reading habits, information resources

In our study, we present the results of our questionnaire-type survey which aims to examine reading habits and techniques of information acquisition in the tertiary-level institutions of the Partium region – a region bordering Hungary. Based on the methods of the traditional sociology of reading, we surveyed the reading, internet and library using habits of the students with quantitative methods. One of the major practices of questionnaire-type surveys is that examinations in the field of the sociology of reading have to follow the new type of reading that has come to life due to sociological and technical changes. Because of the spread of technical development, the internet, mobile phones and other digital devices (audio books, e-books), we need to carry out an examination in a much wider spectrum since traditional books and press products do not reflect the tendencies of reading habits in the age of information and communication technologies. Our study will present the tendencies that most characterize and define the relation between students and reading. Beside the differences of genders (the majority of women in reading), we will discuss in details the divergences between institutions and faculties. The lead of students who read in the Partium region will be demonstrated based on the number of books bought and the time spent reading. Based on the examination results, we also found the strengthening of informative and entertaining function of the internet. We compared the list of favorite readings and authors with national data and, as a conclusion, we have found that classics still stand time.


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