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Mihály Fónai
János Kiss

The Interrelation of Work-value Preferences and Students’ Image of Profession

Keywords: university students, professional image, the Super work-value preferences

In our study we examine the professional image of the students attending the University of Debrecen on the basis of their opinion of the ideal knowledge of the “good professional” and the real knowledge of the graduated professionals. We describe this professional image on the basis of answers given to open-ended questions. We compare the knowledge and ability components, (the professional image elements), to the Super work-value circles. This kind of approach offers the possibility to demonstrate the mutual influences and co-intervention of the professional image circumscribed by the two approaches. No previous similar examination has been conducted, thus the results seem to be new in the field of professional research. Super work-value questionnaire, Raven test and a questionnaire about the students’ socio-demographic background and their professional motivation were used in the survey. 3158 students were queried between 2001 and 2008.


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