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Teachers' Perception About the Inclusive Education and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Comparison Between Northwest and Southeast Romanian Teachers

Keywords: teachers' perception, inclusive education, ADHD, geographical location

The present research investigated the inclusive education framework in Romania; which is the Romanian teachers' perception about the inclusive education; which is the most appropriate support for children with ADHD into Romanian mainstream school; and if there are differences between northwest and southeast teachers regarding the perception on the inclusive education and ADHD inclusion into mainstream schools. The present research is a cross-sectional survey, which analyzes teachers' perception about ADHD children' inclusion into mainstream schools. It is a descriptive study, not intervening in an experimental way, and it analyzes teachers' perception on inclusive education and ADHD children. 60 teachers from preschool, primary school, and gymnasium were split in two groups, from the southeast and northwest geographical area in Romania. A large number of participants (82%) considered that is very solicitant to have a child with special educational needs in class. The first three disabilities which teachers wanted to be excluded from mainstream schools were: autism, mental deficiency, and ADHD. If in this analyze ADHD was on the third place, when we investigate the most challenging disorder, ADHD occupied the first place. The research' results didn't emphasize significant differences between northwest and southeast teachers regarding their perception about inclusive education. The conclusions emphasized that teachers presented the same high level of stress in teaching SEN children, and the same lack of knowledge about ADHD. Our findings support the conclusions of other researchers in the field, and enrich the literature with studies on the Romanian teachers and their perception on inclusive education.


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