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The Interdisciplinary Approach of Defectiveness from a Societal Point of View

Keywords: discrimination, education policy, prejudice, societal integration, stereotype

The results of international surveys prove that the societal mechanisms of discrimination can turn into decisive dimensions in the forming of the social system (Halász, 2001; Hradil, 1992). Educational inequity problems concerning handicapped students are really complex ensuing from societal inequity; and it is also influenced by several individual, societal, economic and institutional facts. Among the groups who live in marginal positions the most defenceless ones are the handicapped (Katona, 2013), as theirs are the worst schooling chances in the EU within the schooling age population (OECD, 2012). The aim of the essay is to circumscribe the definitions and the political sociological terms regarding equal rights of disabled people and further on it takes an interdisciplinary approach to present national and international scientific ways of thinking and understanding problems.


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