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Dorina Tápai

Social and Emotional Learning – Prevention and Promotion

Keywords: prevention, social and emotional skills, school psychology

Children often suffer from stress factors related to the dynamic and continuous changes in our society such as pressure on parents, divorce, harmful content from the media, including the Internet. For these children it is not enough to gain academic skills in school, it is also important to develop social and emotional skills. These skills contribute to achieving success in school. The system of prevention involves all the students, reinforces the acquired social and emotional skills and also prevents the appearance of risk behaviors. The process of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is in the service of primary prevention, which can help students to learn, practice and reinforce skills. Certain SEL programs will be reconsidered to see how these programs function in practice and which methods are in the service of skills development. Also, we will gain some insight into the development of social and emotional skills in Hungarian schools.


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