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Timea Szucs

Opportunities for Elementary Level Music Education in the Partium Region

Keywords: music school, Partium, comparison, case study

The aim of our research is to compare the music schools in the area of Partium (Beregszasz, Nagyvarad, Szatmarnemeti, Nyiregyhaza, Debrecen) based on their function and opportunities for development. In all three countries effective music teaching of high quality is done. During the research we wanted to know whether the different functional conditions may influence the primary level of music education, and if yes, how it is influenced. We wish to compare the music schools of all three countries according to identical viewpoints in the course of the research. It is important to examine the position of the music schools in the system of education and to map the spatial network of the music schools, their maintaining and institutional background. The comparison of the teaching staff number, their preparedness, their faculty proportions, the student number and their faculty proportions may seem to be interesting. The comparison of the curricula, the course books and the examination system of the music schools is also worthy of the research. After the analysis of the documents of the music schools we would like to prepare unique case studies with the music schools of the above mentioned towns. In these studies we would examine the teachers, students and parents’ motivations to find the reason why they undertake the plus burdens and activities related to music learning.


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